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I first met Mike Colon a few years back  when he came to Maui to do a lecture Apple’s Aperture.  I attended his Maui workshop, which I blogged about here.  He has an uncanny ability to get right to the basics of the art of wedding photography. Since attending his Maui workshop, I have gotten a very clear vision of what where I wanted my business to go and I have taken steps to get there. As a result, I have seen many positive effects and I am forever grateful!

After his workshop in December of 2008, my entire business outlook has drastically changed. Inspiring, informative and extremely helpful on many levels, Mike gives such a wonderful gift of knowledge to his students.  Now at the top of the wedding industry, Mike generously shares the secrets to a successful career with other photographers through his workshops, DVDs, online broadcasting, lectures, etc.  In his workshops, he strongly emphasizes the importance of authenticity, uniqueness, and high quality photography, combined with excellent customer service.

I was honored and excited to help Mike Colon arranging some of the details, before his recent workshop on Oahu.  Gemina Chong & Sarah Pacheco did a fabulous job on the hair and makeup.  Tyler and Becky were our models.  They are newlyweds whose love for one another was naturally beautiful.  Becky is quite the photographer as well. A big thanks also to Mike Adrian, Natalie & Richie Norton for helping out with the workshop.  It was so extraordinary to meet all the other talented photographers who attended Mike’s workshop. I’m excited for what the future brings for everyone!

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