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By Joanna Tano
Wailea Maui Wedding, Bre + Brad

Wailea Maui Wedding, Bre + Brad

Wailea Maui Wedding

It was such an honor to photograph Bre and Brad’s destination located at the elegant  Four Seasons Wailea, Maui. The bride and groom were joined by close friends and family. Their wedding day was magnificent! Congratulations Bre and Brad! Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Thank you, Kim Aihara for second shooting with me.

Venue: Four Seasons Maui
Flowers: Asa Flowers
Hair and Makeup: Salon 253


Four Seasons bridal bouquet maui

bride and flower girl, four Seasons maui

groom and friends and mom


ring bearer, flower girl

pink and gold bridesmaids colors maui

asa flowers pink and gold

ceremony, maui

asa flowers, maui ceremony

black and white maui ceremony photo




four seasons maui bridal party



















cake photo

cake cutting

maui wedding sunset photo

A Romantic Evening Wedding at the Four Seasons Wailea

A Romantic Evening Wedding at the Four Seasons Wailea

Lucy and Jim enjoyed their fairy-tale Wailea wedding on Maui. They decided on an intimate evening ceremony which was lit by candles at the Four Seasons Maui. This was a unique idea and I loved it. Using natural light during the ceremony allowed me to portray the romantic mood and feeling of this dazzling evening. Below, you can see some of my favorite Maui wedding photos from their special day. Congratulations to the newleyweds! Thank you for having me as your Maui Wedding Photographer!

Four Seasons Maui wedding Lobby

wailea beach wedding

maui wedding photos

wailea beach wedding photos

bride, groom, maui beach

wedding ring, maui


country bouquets maui four seasons

romance, maui beach

pink sunset maui wedding

pink and purple maui wedding sillouette

palms at dusk, maui

rings, flowers, maui wedding

maui evening wedding ceremony

evening ceremony at four seasons maui



evening kiss, wailea wedding

Maui Maternity Lifestyle Session

Maui Maternity Lifestyle Session

Magic happens when you photograph a close long-time friend in one of the happiest moments of her life! Lauren and I go way back to grade school at Haleakala Waldorf in Kula, Maui. This woman is one of the strongest, kindest, most adventurous people that I know. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out, as well as a terrific athlete, water woman, and Olympian. She has been a huge inspiration to me because of her unfailing determination to reach her goals.

We decided to capture some lifestyle photos of Lauren and her family, right before the end of her pregnancy; a week later, her son Ku’ula was born. The location was none other than their beautiful home in Kula. With breathtaking views, flowers everywhere, a trampoline for Lauren’s daughter, and a peaceful rural landscape, we got a nice variety of photos.

When I photograph family sessions, I strive to capture the natural essence of the love and happiness between people, while incorporating their surroundings so as to give a sense of place. When you combine genuinely happy people with such a breathtaking setting as this one, it really creates magical imagery!  I loved the precious moments between Lauren and her daughter Lea, and also the beautiful bonding between Lauren and her partner Kapono.

I had the privilege of meeting Ku’ula a few weeks after he was born, and he is so sweet and adorable! I’m sure his life will be filled with so much love, fun, adventure and, I’m betting, lots of time on the ocean!

I am thrilled I had a chance to have captured these special moments for Lauren and her wonderful family! Have a look at some of my favorite images from our Upcountry Maui photo session. Isn’t Lauren absolutely glowing?!

maui-meternity-portaits-001 maui-meternity-portaits-002 maui-meternity-portaits-003 maui-meternity-portaits-005 maui-meternity-portaits-004 maui-meternity-portaits-009 maui-meternity-portaits-028 maui-meternity-portaits-010 maui-meternity-portaits-026 maui-meternity-portaits-025 maui-meternity-portaits-024 maui-meternity-portaits-023 maui-meternity-portaits-022 maui-meternity-portaits-020 maui-meternity-portaits-019 maui-meternity-portaits-018 maui-meternity-portaits-017 maui-meternity-portaits-016 maui-meternity-portaits-015 maui-meternity-portaits-014 maui-meternity-portaits-013 maui-meternity-portaits-012 maui-meternity-portaits-021 maui-meternity-portaits-011 maui-meternity-portaits-008 maui-meternity-portaits-029 maui-meternity-portaits-027 maui-meternity-portaits-030

Maui Wedding Photographer, Olowalu Plantation House

Maui Wedding Photographer, Olowalu Plantation House

This lovely couple’s dream came true for their destination wedding at Olowalu Plantation House on Maui.

Prior to the wedding, Joceyln shared their story about how they became a couple: “We met during our last year of undergraduate study at the University of Calgary, through a mutual friend. Soon after our relationship started, Anthony was accepted into Optometry School at the University of Waterloo. After four long years of phone/skype conversations and short trips to see each other, we couldn’t be happier to finally be enjoying our lives together in Calgary!”

She also shared with me their engagement story: “We decided to head up to Emerald Lake to spend the night. The drive up was windy and snowy and I began to worry our short trip would be ruined. After checking into Emerald Lake Lodge, we decided to hike around the lake despite the wet snowy weather. We opted not to rent snowshoes for the hike, thinking the trail was not going to be that bad (We were very wrong!!) The snow was very deep and we were in constant fear of our feet going through the snow. After 4 hours of hiking, the weather had cleared up and we finally made it around the lake alive!! We had dinner at the lodge restaurant and went back to our room tired from our hike. When I came out from a shower, Anthony had started a nice fire in the fireplace and had secretly hidden the ring box on the bed for me to find. He expected me to find the box but I wasn’t expecting a proposal, so I wasn’t looking for anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t even notice that he was nervously watching me, but then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately started crying and threw my arms around him and of course I said Yes!”

Their wedding day turned out beautifully with the soft color palette of pastels – baby pink, soft peach, blush, and pale mint. As always, Dellables did a phenomenal job on the floral design!

We really lucked out with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed. Before the sun set, the sky and ocean shimmered soft pink and blue pastel tones which perfectly complimented the look of their wedding day! As the sun began to set, and afterward, the sky lit up into a vibrant magenta followed by deepening blue twilight tones. The colors took my breath away.  The mixture of this couple’s love and affection for each other and the outstanding beauty of the day made for truely captivating images; I was quite inspired!  Thank you, Joceyln and Anthony, for having me as your wedding photographer! Thank you, Ajja DeShayne, for second shooting.

Venue: Olowalu Planation House
Officant: Pia Aluli
Coordinator: Tina Digman from Food for the Soul
Caterer: Food for the Soul
Florist: Dellables
Hair and Makeup: Trisha Joseph


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Kukahiko Estate Wedding, Maui

Kukahiko Estate Wedding, Maui

Lisa and David’s wedding was truly one of a kind! It was very intimate with just the bride, groom and each of their young children. The blending of these two families was a distinct pleasure to witness and to capture in photographs.  The ceremony was as much about the children as it was about the couple, which is what I especially loved.  In a moving variation of the traditional ceremony, the couple gave each child a lei and made vows to them about how they will listen to them, give them love and attention, and to be there for them. The ceremony was very touching and exceptionally sweet.

Lisa was a gorgeous bride, and it was exceptionally lovely to see the girls with her while she was getting ready before the ceremony. Entranced by her appearance, they wanted to know all about her dress, hair and makeup — the whole scene was quite adorable!   Her happiness and beauty showed in her radiant bridal glow.

The couple had a quick first look before the ceremony and the expressions on their faces said it all: they were completely smitten with one another!

With a gorgeous golden light, the lovely greenery and trees at Kukahiko Estate, and an amazing sunset, the combination created a terrific backdrop. The elements allowed me to capture a variety of wedding portraits, both traditional and candid, that reflect both the beauty of the surroundings and the couples tremendous affection for one another and for their children. The day was really special with its focus on the whole family. 

After the ceremony, the family went on to have a special dinner at Duo in the Four Seasons, Wailea.

Thank you, Lisa and David, for having me photograph your very special day at Kukahiko Estate! Thank you, Shayla Tiare Photography for assisting!

Wedding Planner: Makena Weddings
Venue: Kukahiko Estate
Reception Dinner: Duo, Four Seasons Maui
Officiant: Reverend Alapaki
Music: Charles Nahale
Florist: Kihei Wailea Florist

kukahiko-estate-001 kukahiko-estate-002 kukahiko-estate-003 kukahiko-estate-007 kukahiko-estate-006 kukahiko-estate-005 kukahiko-estate-009 kukahiko-estate-008 kukahiko-estate-011 kukahiko-estate-012 kukahiko-estate-017 kukahiko-estate-014 kukahiko-estate-013 kukahiko-estate-015 kukahiko-estate-016 kukahiko-estate-004 kukahiko-estate-018 kukahiko-estate-019 kukahiko-estate-021 kukahiko-estate-022 kukahiko-estate-020 kukahiko-estate-025 kukahiko-estate-026 kukahiko-estate-023 kukahiko-estate-027 kukahiko-estate-031kukahiko-estate-037kukahiko-estate-010 kukahiko-estate-045
kukahiko-estate-043 kukahiko-estate-042 kukahiko-estate-036 kukahiko-estate-035 kukahiko-estate-034 kukahiko-estate-033 kukahiko-estate-032 kukahiko-estate-030 kukahiko-estate-029 kukahiko-estate-028 kukahiko-estate-024 kukahiko-estate-041
kukahiko-estate-040 kukahiko-estate-039 kukahiko-estate-038 AF0A2870AF0A2890kukahiko-estate-044

Kapalua Wedding at Merriman’s

Kapalua Wedding at Merriman’s

Erin and Kiley tied the knot at Merriman’s located in Kapalua, Maui. Erin and the girls readied themselves for the wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, which is where we began the photos. Erin was a glowing bride and so much fun to work with and photograph. I loved the look of her lovely, short wedding dress with the blue underlay which she ordered from Anthropology bridal. And her Toms light blue wedges were adorable as well.

Kiley and the couple’s son, along with the groomsmen, were having fun at Merriman’s Kapalua restaurant before the wedding ceremony began.  The group was small and intimate, consisting of the bride and groom’s family and close friends, which allowed the couple to spend quality time with their guests at their reception under their spacious private tent at Merriman’s restaurant. From their tent, They all had a stunning view of the sunset and of the Hawaiian night sky.

The ceremony, included some Hawaiian touches. The groom wore a traditional maile lei, while the bride wore a white orchid lei around her neck and a classic tuberose head lei.

A short time after the ceremony, there were passing showers, which is considered a blessing at a wedding in Hawaii. The bride and groom didn’t worry once about the weather and simply enjoyed every second of their day. The rain quickly subsided, so we ended up with a gorgeous sunset with dramatic cloud formations, tinged with orange, above the vibrant blue water,  creating an amazing backdrop for some gorgeous wedding portraits. Merriman’s is one of my favorite wedding venues on the West Side of Maui because of the beautiful backdrops of the rock formations within Kapalua Bay, and panoramic views of the ocean and other Hawaiian islands in the distance.

I really loved capturing the sweetness between the bride and groom and their adorable and happy son.  Another serendipitous moment, caught on camera, came when the two flower girls threw their heads back to catch some raindrops in their mouths.

Erin and Kiley, thank you for having me there to capture your special day — it was an honor! I am so happy for your family! Wishing you all the best.

Coordination: Aloha Maui Weddings
Video: Wandgu Hovey
Flowers: Maui Floral Elegance
Venue: Merriman’s, Kapalua
Pre-ceremony photos: The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua

merrimans-maui-013 merrimans-maui-002 merrimans-maui-003 merrimans-maui-004 merrimans-maui-017 merrimans-maui-005 merrimans-maui-007 merrimans-maui-008 merrimans-maui-006 merrimans-maui-010 merrimans-maui-009 merrimans-maui-012 merrimans-maui-011 merrimans-maui-014 merrimans-maui-015 merrimans-maui-016 merrimans-maui-018 merrimans-maui-020 merrimans-maui-021 merrimans-maui-022 merrimans-maui-024 merrimans-maui-026 merrimans-maui-028 merrimans-maui-027 merrimans-maui-001 merrimans-maui-019 merrimans-maui-031 merrimans-maui-032 merrimans-maui-029 merrimans-maui-030 merrimans-maui-033 merrimans-maui-037 merrimans-maui-036 merrimans-maui-035 merrimans-maui-034 merrimans-maui-025 merrimans-maui-038 merrimans-maui-039

Kapalua Wedding at Merriman’s Maui

Maui Family Photos, Poolenalena Beach

Maui Family Photos, Poolenalena Beach

Maui Family Photos

This lovely family was visiting Maui from Arizona and contacted me to be their Family Photographer for some fun Maui family portraits. We decided on a morning beach session at Poolenalena Beach in Wailea. I love to photograph children in the mornings because they are energetic and excited for the day. Another plus to morning sessions at the beach is the color of the sky and ocean. The blues really pop and allow you to have gorgeous and vibrant colored backdrops. This family was so sweet and their love for each other really shows in the photographs. One thing I always strive to do during all of my portrait sessions is to make my clients feel comfortable and at ease so that they can enjoy the day and have natural smiles during the session and the photos will reflect the fun they are having with each other. I think this session is a great example of my family photography and of how natural a photo session can be. It is important to have fun and enjoy the day which will shine through in the photos.  I also love to incorporate both candid moments and some traditional posed shots at each session. I love it when families decide to let their children play in the water and in the sand at some point during the photo session (towards the end is usually best). Children playing and being comfortable in their element make for beautiful moments captured in photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Many of my clients love these photojournalistic moments that I capture and these are usually some of their favorite photos from the day. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos from this sweet Maui family photography session below.  Feel free to contact me to book your family session. I look forward to capturing some sweet Maui family photos for you!


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White Orchid Beach House Wedding, Maui Wedding Photographer

White Orchid Beach House Wedding, Maui Wedding Photographer

Matthew and Ashley held their lovely destination wedding at White Orchid Beach House in Makena, Maui. They turned to Coordinator Patty Flax of White Orchid Wedding who did a lovely job orchestrating the event as you can see in the details below. Thank you to the lovely couple for having me as your Maui Wedding Photographer! Thank you Kim Aihara for second shooting.

Wedding Vendors:
Coordinator: White Orchid Wedding
Venue: White Orchid Beach House
Flowers: Teresa Sena
Entertainment: Alika Nako’oka 
Bar: Maui Bars Are Us
Officiant: Reverend Alapaki
Video: Hi Focused
Hair and Makeup: Marci Guendel
Caterer: Three’s Bar and Grill



maui bride maui wedding details white-orchid-wedding-003 white-orchid-wedding-005 maui bridal portraits white-orchid-wedding-006 images of white orchid beach house white-orchid-wedding-004 white-orchid-wedding-007 white-orchid-wedding-008 white-orchid-wedding-012 white-orchid-wedding-013 white-orchid-wedding-023 white-orchid-wedding-017 white-orchid-wedding-018 white-orchid-wedding-014 white-orchid-wedding-015 white orchid weddings ceremony white-orchid-wedding-029 white-orchid-wedding-030 white-orchid-wedding-020 white-orchid-wedding-035 white-orchid-wedding-019 white-orchid-wedding-034 white-orchid-wedding-039 white-orchid-wedding-040 white-orchid-wedding-041 white-orchid-wedding-038 romantic maui wedding portait off camera lighting maui wedding white-orchid-wedding-036 white-orchid-wedding-032 bouquet by Teresa Sena maui wedding photographer white-orchid-wedding-031 white-orchid-wedding-047 white-orchid-wedding-048 flowers by Teresa Sena white-orchid-wedding-024 white-orchid-wedding-010 white-orchid-wedding-045 white-orchid-wedding-044 white-orchid-wedding-043 Maui Bars Are US white-orchid-wedding-046 white-orchid-wedding-021 evening reception at White Orchid Beach House

Joanna Tano Merrimans Kapalua Wedding

Joanna Tano Merrimans Kapalua Wedding

Get ready to view some seriously beautiful wedding inspiration on this blog post of Minette & Peter’s lovely Maui wedding at Merriman’s, Kapalua. I am so excited to finally share it as I was waiting for it to be featured on a couple of wedding blogs first. Thank you Minette and Peter for having us there to photograph your beautiful wedding day! Enjoy the photos.

Maui Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels Weddings
Maui Wedding Photographer: Joanna Tano Photography
Venue: Merriman’s Kapalua Grassy Overlook + Cabana
Arch, Bouquets & Table Floral Design: Bella Bloom Maui
Chandelier Floral Design: Sunya’s Flowers
Place Settings (Gold Rim Collection): SET Maui
Standing and Hanging Chandeliers: Signature Event Rentals
Lounge Furniture: PIR Maui + The Collection Maui
Ceremony Chairs + Specialty Linen: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals
Videography: Sunlit Films
Cake: Cake Fanatics Maui
Hair & Makeup: Maui Makeup Artistry
Wedding Gown: Lazaro Bridal
Officiant: Rev. Keli’i Brown
Violin + Cello Duo: Don Lax and Michelle Ancheta


Joanna Tano Merrimans Maui Wedding Photography

Maui Wedding Photographer, Wailea Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer, Wailea Wedding

Laura and Luke’s wedding was a beautiful event. They were surrounded by close friends and family for their wedding ceremony and reception.  Congratulations to the lovely couple! Thanks for having me as your Maui Wedding photographer on  your very special day!


Wailea Beach Bride Keawalai Church Maui WeddingKeawalai Church Maui Wedding ceremony Keawalai Church groom Maui ring bearerwailea-maui-wedding-06Maui bridesmaidswailea-maui-wedding-08wailea-maui-wedding-09Keawalai Church Maui Wedding after the ceremony Maui wedding petal tosswailea-maui-wedding-12maui wedding group shot
Keawalai Church Maui Wedding window lightwailea-maui-wedding-16maui wedding photographer Keawalai Church Maui Wedding portraitsblack and white wedding photos on mauiKeawalai Church Maui Wedding, bride and groom

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wailea-maui-wedding-28hawaii natural light wedding photographer wailea-maui-wedding-30wailea-maui-wedding-31wailea-maui-wedding-32wailea-maui-wedding-33maui wedding reception

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