Elopements and Small Weddings

Q: What is an elopement?

A: An elopement is different than a traditional wedding. The purpose of an elopement is to focus on what the couple wants rather than throwing a large party for family and friends. 

A destination elopement typically consists of just the bride and groom but sometimes there are also a handful of guests in attendance. Here are some differences between elopements and large weddings:

Elopements are much smaller and more intimate while traditional weddings include many more guests which typically include extended family and friends. Elopements can be much more cost effective considering that one of the main expenses is food and you will be feeding much less people. You don’t the need for a large venue space, elaborate entertainment and fancy tables capes. You can have an elegant elopement for a fraction of the cost and utilize the money towards whatever might be most important to you such as: the photographer, a lavish bouquet, a 5 star hotel, a 2-week honeymoon etc. 

There are many benefits to eloping but I would say that the main one is that the day is all about the bride and groom celebrating their love together. Eliminating many of the factors of planning a large wedding can also eliminate the stress which allows the couple to relax, enjoy the day and focus on each other. 

I know that booking a wedding during a pandemic is a difficult decision for you. Because of this, I have created a fantastic Covid-19 policy to help address your concerns and your questions.  Please click here  to read some Q and A about my cancellation policy and other Covid-19 related issues. Feel free to contact me with specific concerns or queries, and I will be very happy to answer your questions.

Please do your best to make your booking early, as your date may not be available if you wait too long. Before you make your final plans, feel free to send an inquiry my way and let’s “talk story” as we say in Hawaii!

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