Jill LaFleur and Jose Villa put on a lovely workshop at the stunning Haiku Mill. I greatly appreciate everything I took away from it; inspiration from extremely talented creatives, business strategies, and best of all – great friendships! Below are some of my favorite photos from the workshop.  Jill is an extremely talented and sought after wedding designer who resides in California and Maui (also available for world-wide travel). Jose is a famous wedding photographer who’s work can be seen in several high-end wedding magazines and blogs. His work is absolutely breathtaking and it was really exciting to learn from him. They also brought of crew of other amazing wedding professionals who presented.  Thank you Jill and Jose and the rest of the team for graciously sharing your creativity, time, and knowledge with all of us! xoxo ~ Joanna


Check out the amazing creatives involved in this workshop:

Jill La Fleur  
Jose Villa  
Robyn/Hali’i Iaea
Joel Serrato  
Mar Romero  
Karina Puente  
Kate Holt            Kate Holt Instagram
Amber Moon            Amber Moon Instagram
Angela  Marcaccio
Lisa Ceci Johnson
Diana Perrin  
Marty Dread  
Erin Smith  
Morena Giordano
Jeff &Jason  
Steph & Maroe Smith
Joeylene Soares  
Maggie Austin  
Karen Lindner  
Jannie Baltzer  

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