Magic happens when you photograph a close long-time friend in one of the happiest moments of her life! Lauren and I go way back to grade school at Haleakala Waldorf in Kula, Maui. This woman is one of the strongest, kindest, most adventurous people that I know. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out, as well as a terrific athlete, water woman, and Olympian. She has been a huge inspiration to me because of her unfailing determination to reach her goals.

We decided to capture some lifestyle photos of Lauren and her family, right before the end of her pregnancy; a week later, her son Ku’ula was born. The location was none other than their beautiful home in Kula. With breathtaking views, flowers everywhere, a trampoline for Lauren’s daughter, and a peaceful rural landscape, we got a nice variety of photos.

When I photograph family sessions, I strive to capture the natural essence of the love and happiness between people, while incorporating their surroundings so as to give a sense of place. When you combine genuinely happy people with such a breathtaking setting as this one, it really creates magical imagery!  I loved the precious moments between Lauren and her daughter Lea, and also the beautiful bonding between Lauren and her partner Kapono.

I had the privilege of meeting Ku’ula a few weeks after he was born, and he is so sweet and adorable! I’m sure his life will be filled with so much love, fun, adventure and, I’m betting, lots of time on the ocean!

I am thrilled I had a chance to have captured these special moments for Lauren and her wonderful family! Have a look at some of my favorite images from our Upcountry Maui photo session. Isn’t Lauren absolutely glowing?!

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