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This story melts my heart. In fact, reading Christy’s story that I asked her to email me just brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy to have met photographer Christy Eriksson, at our Fast Track Photographer meeting on Oahu. She and her husband, Stefan are two amazing people! Read their touching story below

“Love comes in all different shapes and size.

Three months ago I was wife and a daughter hoping to one day be a mother! Never guessing that my dream would could happen so fast and so perfect!

Three months ago I was asked to help out with a two year old, just thinking I would be babysitting till they could get their feet back on the ground. Two months later I would be signing the papers to make little Le’i ours!

It has been one of the most rewarding journeys ever! I never knew I could love so much and so hard.

The papers have been signed, now we just have to wait till the state can add Eriksson to his name. Thanks to furlough Friday it could take a couple months before they even see the paper work, due to them having to do so much in such little working days!

Le’i you are a dream, your smile, laughter, dance moves and your sweet cuddles are more then I could ever ask for! I am blessed and honored to call you my son and watch you grow up! I may not give you everything you want, but I promise to give you everything you need.

The proudest new mommy,


Christy Eriksson

I’m incredibly honored to have captured these images from such a special time in their lives! Christy – Congratulations on everything. I’m so happy for you!

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