FAQs for getting married in Maui

Question:  What is your required deposit for a wedding, and is it refundable?

 Answer:  Normally, a 25% deposit is required.  However, during these times of frequent changes from the state and county guidelines, I have reduced the deposit to a flat $300.  It is refundable under certain circumstances.

 Question:  Under what circumstances can you refund my deposit?

 Answer:  I can refund your deposit in the circumstance that the wedding cannot occur because of a change of government policy. Currently, Maui visitors can get pre-travel medical clearance in order to avoid a quarantine. If this policy changes, and the pre-travel clearance isn’t available, I will refund your deposit. Also, I will refund your deposit if the local government will not allow your wedding to occur, based upon changes in the Maui County’s emergency order regarding wedding events.

 Question: What if some of the wedding party or guests test positive for Covid-19 and we have to change the wedding date? Or if the airline cancels our flight and we have to change our date for that reason?

 Answer:  We know this pandemic can create a changing situation. However, I will work with you, and will be as flexible as possible. The deposit can be applied to a wedding up to one year from the date of the originally planned wedding. Please contact me as soon as you know that you need to change your plans, so I can help you select another date when I am available.

 Question:  What are the rules about face coverings for the wedding party and the wedding guests? Can they take them off when they are being photographed?

 Answer:  These rules are set by Maui County, and are subject to change

 You can find the most recently published Maui County Public Health Emergency rules here Wedding parties are discussed on pages 26 and 27. Keeping in mind these may be different in the future, here’s what the current rules look like:

During the procession and the recession, the family, the bridal party and the bride and groom may remove their face coverings. Wedding participants can take off their face coverings during photos (e.g. bride and groom photo, bridal party and family photos).

Here’s more from the current rules:

The officiate may remove face coverings, as long as he or she maintains a 6 foot distance with others. Guests can remove face coverings when seated at the ceremony or reception, as long as 6 feet separates each row of seating. Also, face coverings can be removed during a cocktail reception, while actively eating or drinking, or seated, as long as there is at least a 6 foot distance between groups of 10 or less. Face coverings can also be removed during toasts or speeches, when the microphone stand is 10 feet from any guest. Last but not least, customary dances such as between a bride and groom or parent and child, are another exception when face coverings can be removed.

Question:  What about photographs on the beach?

Answer: I can take photographs in public areas, such as the beach, but must follow the rules on groups and distancing. These rules change often. As of early January 2021, outdoor social gatherings of up to 5 persons are permitted, but distancing rules apply to members of different households.

Question:  How can I learn about changes in the rules?

Your wedding planner or venue manager should be able to answer any questions specific to your wedding plans, and may be aware of changing rules and interpretations.

Current information can always be found on the county government web page where you can also sign up for email updates.

Keep in mind, these rules may change. Our local Maui County government has been known to tighten or to relax these emergency rules, so keep checking back.

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