Elegant Sheraton Maui Weddings

Casey and Patrick traveled to Maui with a large group of friends and family from California to celebrate their love and wedding day! Its great the capture Sheraton Maui Weddings because the grounds are so beautiful and offer a variety of backdrops: greenery, ocean view and sunset. Thank you Casey and Patick for having me there to capture your special day!

Casey’s description of the wedding day:
“It was MAGICAL PERFECTION and island cocktail party at its finest!     My main vision was focusing on tons and tons of white with minimal hints of gold shells and pineapples…..I wanted it to look like a chic beach club in the Mediterranean with white lace, white canopies, and white flowers everywhere but still encompassing a spirit of Aloha and Hawaiian traditions.”
“Envisions and the Sheraton decorated everything for us!  We had white canopies and white parasols for sun shade for guests.  Then, the aisle, alter, and centerpieces were all white tropical flowers like orchids, torch ginger, etc.  There was a cocktail reception with high tables with large gold pineapples as centerpieces and each cocktail food or drink item was presented in its own white canopied section. We made sure to focus on having a ton of awesome food at the cocktail party and that was a huge hit before we all sat down for dinner.   The catered coconut idea and canopy was so cute with their huge bohemian umbrella!  Guests absolutely loved this as well as the whole pig we served as pork bun sandwiches.  As for the dinner table centerpieces and decor, there were white lace tablecloths and white shell style chargers.  All the flatware and glasses were gold or had hints of gold.  I just Loved the simplistic elegance and crispness of the all white flowers and table settings!”
Maui Wedding Professionals:

How to decide on your Hawaii Wedding Photographer

While there is no “best” wedding photographer in Hawaii, there is a best fit for you! In all honesty, there are many talented photographers here on the island, so here are some tips on choosing the right one for you.

Style. Style should be the first element you look at when considering a wedding photographer. There are many different styles: traditional, photo-journalistic, dark and moody, light and airy, and the list goes on. The wording description of the different styles is less important than looking through a photographer’s website and social media postings. Do you connect and resonate with the photos? Do they evoke a strong feeling? Can you picture yourself in the same type of composition  and lighting

I describe my style in the following way: use of natural light, romantic, storyteller, flattering, heartfelt. But I suggest you look through my photos for yourself and see how you connect with them.  I love to tell the story of the wedding day and capture emotions that people can then feel when they view the photos. Ideally I enjoy being there for the pre-wedding excitement all the way through the joyous dancing at the reception.

Reviews: Read through client reviews of photographers. It’s a good sign when other people had a great experience with a photographer -- but perhaps even more importantly, you can get to know specific details of how the photographer interacted with the couple and the guests, what type of photos they took, if they were professional throughout the booking process, etc.

Reputation within the wedding industry. This is a big one. It’s wonderful to read client reviews online, however something that is also important is how the photographer works alongside other vendors, especially wedding planners, hair and makeup artists, and videographers. Ask your planner or other vendors you contact if they’ve worked with the photographer you are interested in. What have their experiences been? Is the photographer professional? Are they friendly? Are they reliable? In general, are they in good standing with the majority of the wedding community on Maui? Everything goes more smoothly when the wedding vendors work well together and have a mutual respect for one another. 

Experience. Experience is an important consideration, especially on a tropical island where there are unique challenges such as strong backlight, windy days, hotel rooms with limited natural light, receptions with very dim light, etc. Ask the photographer how many years they have been photographing weddings. Experienced wedding photographers will be better prepared for unusual situations.


I hear from wedding planners about photographers coming from all over the country to photographer weddings in HawaiiPerhaps they are a friend of the bride or groom, or maybe they just want to take a vacation to Maui, Kauai, Oahu or the Big Island and combine it with a wedding to pay for their trip. Some of these photographers might be great, but I’ve heard stories of some that cancelled, sometimes at the last minute – maybe their flights were delayed – but it left the wedding party to scramble to find another photographer. These photographers might not have the necessary insurance for your venue, or they might be inexperienced in the type of intense back-lighting that happens in the late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky. Please consider a photographer who resides on Maui, – we have so many talented and professional ones!

Overall, I would say, do your research, connect via social media, email, phone calls, trust your intuition and you will find the right fit! Photography is so important because it provides the reminder of this most special day.  Your treasured photos will show your family, and perhaps someday your children and grandchildren, the love, joy and special moments of your wedding day.

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